We Have Some Things to Recommend to You

Boone Ashworth: That sounds amazing.

Lauren Goode: It really does sound great.

Michael Calore: Keep a jar of it, not in the fridge. Keep a jar of it on your countertop and put it on absolutely everything that you eat.

Lauren Goode: So is this the number one condiment or spice for you in all of 2023?

Michael Calore: Yeah, for sure.

Lauren Goode: That’s high praise because you have discerning palette.

Michael Calore: I do. But this stuff, when you find a brand that you really like, you start thinking of things that you can eat just so you have an excuse to put it on top of the thing that you’re eating.

Lauren Goode: Very cool.

Boone Ashworth: Amazing. I’m going to try this.

Lauren Goode: Mike, bring it into the Lab sometime. Make us some avo toast.

Boone Ashworth: Oh, there you go.

Michael Calore: I think there’s some in the kitchen here at the WIRED office.

Boone Ashworth: I’m going right now.

Michael Calore: Yes. All right, well, thanks to both of you for bringing us your wonderful recommendations onto the show.

Boone Ashworth: Thank you.

Lauren Goode: Yeah, thank you. Thanks for being such a great host and co-host. And Boone for being such an excellent producer for all of 2023. It’s been a privilege to work with you guys on this.

Michael Calore: What did you say? You’re one of those weird freaks who likes to make us sound good every week, so thank you for that. I appreciate it.

Boone Ashworth: Yeah, that’s my weird thing. No, thank you guys. This has been great. I love being here.

Michael Calore: Great. Well, we’ll have you back in a year. Thanks to everybody for listening. This show is produced by Boone Ashworth who is sitting right here in front of us. If you have any feedback, you can find all of us on the social webs. Just check the show notes and find us on Activity Pub. We’ll have-

Lauren Goode: Mike is offering one-on-one consultations for how to set up your Mastodon and get on Activity Pub.

Michael Calore: Yes.

Lauren Goode: I’m there. Boone and I will be at the gym together. But Michael can help you out.

Michael Calore: We will be back with one more show this year and then we’ll see you in 2024. And until then, goodbye.

[Gadget Lab outro theme music plays]

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