‘Vintage’ baby names are making a comeback with new parents

JoJo Maman Bébé collaborated with baby name consultant Colleen Slagen to explore 2023’s most popular baby names and the predictions for 2024.

In their research, they found that 51 percent of British parents felt pressured to choose a good name, knowing the gravity of such a decision.

A baby’s name will stick with them for the rest of their life, so you want to have a name that suits them when small and big.

Around 33 percent of the parents in the research considered the uniqueness of the name when deciding what to call their little darling.

And 32 percent of new parents selected their sweetheart’s name due to its sentimental value.

Baby name consultant Colleen Slagen said vintage names are now making a comeback. “Older names appeal to parents who are searching for timeless charm,” said Colleen.

“They also feel both unique and familiar, which is something a lot of parents are seeking in a name.”

Colleen elaborated: “They want their child’s name to both stand out and fit in.

“They want a name that feels sweet but ages well and older names check all these boxes.”

This is why names such as Betty are making a comeback, as well as Poppy and Margot.

“Two names I have my eyes on for 2024 are August and Margot,” said Colleen.

As for another emerging trend, names inspired by nature are on the rise, such as Willow, River, Cedar and Autumn.

But that’s not the only shift Colleen has noticed when it comes to baby names.

Colleen said: “Another up-and-coming trend we are seeing is virtue names… Faith, Chastity, Grace.”

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