Pune 2nd In India For Quality Of Living After Hyderabad


In a recent release of the Quality of Living Index 2023 by Mercer, a renowned global consultant for businesses, Pune has secured the second-best position in terms of ‘quality of life‘ in India. The city trails just behind Hyderabad, marking a significant improvement from the previous rankings.

Mercer’s Quality of Living City Index Highlights

The Quality of Living City Index by Mercer positions Pune at 154th, with Hyderabad slightly ahead at 153rd, and Bengaluru following closely at 156th. Vienna (Austria), Zurich (Switzerland), and Vancouver (Canada) clinched the top three spots globally in that order, according to the 2023 index.

Sno City Position
1 Vienna 1
2 Zurich 2
3 Vancouver 3
4 Hyderabad 153
5 Pune 154
6 Bengaluru 156

Quality of Life Assessment for International Employees

This comprehensive index assesses the quality of life for employees working abroad, especially those with families. It draws data from over 500 cities worldwide and considers various factors such as climate, schools and education, disease and sanitation standards, violence and crime, physical remoteness, ease of communications, and the socio-political environment.

Factors Influencing Rankings

The rankings indicate the positive aspects of living in Pune, reflecting a balance of factors contributing to a favorable environment for residents. These factors include a pleasant climate, well-regarded educational institutions, robust healthcare facilities, and a relatively low crime rate.

Progress Over Time: City Rankings Evolution

The last release of these rankings occurred in 2019, where both Pune and Hyderabad shared the 143rd position. The rankings for 2023 highlight the continuous endeavors aimed at improving the city’s infrastructure and raising overall living standards.

Cost of Living City Ranking 2022

In 2022, Mercer also released a Cost of Living City ranking, evaluating the most expensive cities for international employees. Mumbai emerged as the most expensive Indian city, securing the 127th rank. Following Mumbai were New Delhi (155), Chennai (177), Bengaluru (178), Hyderabad (192), and Pune at 201.


City Rank
1 Mumbai 127
2 New Delhi 155
3 Chennai 177
4 Bengaluru 178
5 Hyderabad 192
6 Pune 201

These rankings offer insights into the economic aspects of living in these cities, providing valuable information for businesses and individuals considering international assignments.

Ease of Living Index 2023 by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs

In a parallel development, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs released the Ease of Living Index 2023. Pune secured the second position among cities with a population over a million. This achievement builds on Pune’s earlier success in 2018 when it claimed the top spot in the same index.

These dual recognitions emphasize Pune’s commitment to providing a high quality of life, bolstered by a combination of factors, including infrastructure, governance, and overall urban planning.

Important Questions Related to Exams

Q. According to the Mercer Quality of Living Index 2023, which city in India secured the second-best position in terms of ‘quality of life’?

A: Pune obtained the second-best position in the Mercer Quality of Living Index 2023 in India.

Q. What is the global ranking of Pune in Mercer’s Quality of Living City Index 2023?

A: Pune is ranked 154th globally in the Mercer Quality of Living City Index 2023.

Q. Which three cities claimed the top spots globally in Mercer’s Quality of Living Index 2023?

A: Vienna (Austria), Zurich (Switzerland), and Vancouver (Canada) secured the top three positions globally.

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