NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang woos Vietnam, plans to set up Asian AI Chip base in the country

NVIDIA has some major plans for Vietnam and is seeing the country as its main base in Asia for designing and manufacturing AI chips for the Asian market as well as the rest of the world. For that, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang is wooing the country and plans on establishing a semiconductor base

NVIDIA, the US chipmaker, is expressing its commitment to the development of Vietnam’s semiconductor industry and is considering establishing a base in the country.

Jensen Huang, the CEO of NVIDIA, made these remarks during his first visit to Vietnam, stating that the company sees Vietnam as a significant market.

The proposed base aims to attract talent globally and contribute to the growth of Vietnam’s semiconductor ecosystem and digitalization efforts.

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Huang affirmed these plans during a meeting with Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh. In addition to expressing its interest in establishing a semiconductor base, NVIDIA has already invested $250 million in Vietnam.

The chipmaker is expected to engage in discussions on semiconductor cooperation deals with Vietnamese tech companies and authorities in a meeting scheduled for Monday.

Vietnam, home to major chip assembling facilities, including Intel’s largest globally, is actively seeking to expand into chip designing and potentially chip manufacturing.

The ongoing trade tensions between the United States and China present opportunities for Vietnam to play a more significant role in the semiconductor industry.

NVIDIA has already collaborated with leading tech companies in Vietnam to deploy artificial intelligence (AI) in various sectors such as cloud computing, automotive, and healthcare.

This collaboration was highlighted in a document published by the White House in September when diplomatic relations between the US and Vietnam were upgraded.

NVIDIA’s focus on Vietnam underscores the growing importance of the country in the global technology landscape and the potential for further advancements in the semiconductor sector.

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