Longest Railway Platform in the World, List of Top-10

Railway stations have played a pivotal role in connecting people and facilitating transportation across the globe. Among these, some stand out for their sheer size and capacity. In this article, we will delve into the longest railway station in the world and also explore the top 10 longest railway platforms in the world that exemplify the grandeur and efficiency of rail transportation.

World’s Longest Railway Platform 2023, Name

The Hubballi railway station in Karnataka, India, has recently achieved a remarkable feat by entering the Guinness Book of World Records for having the longest railway platform globally. The platform, inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, spans an impressive 1,507 meters and is a crucial part of the ongoing remodelling efforts at the Hubballi yard. This development addresses the increasing demand for train services in the Hubballi-Dharwad region of Karnataka.

Key Features of the World’s Largest Railway Platform 2023

1. Length and Inauguration: The platform’s length of 1,507 meters secures its position as the longest railway platform globally. Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially inaugurated the platform, emphasizing its significance in enhancing railway infrastructure in the region.

2. Cost and Purpose: Constructed at a cost of approximately Rs 20 crore, the platform is a pivotal component of the broader Hubballi yard remodelling project. The investment aims to accommodate the anticipated growth in train services and address the future needs of the Hubballi-Dharwad region.

3. Operational Efficiency: Southern Railways reported that the extended length of the platform enables the simultaneous dispatch or reception of two trains from two different directions. This operational efficiency enhances the overall functionality of the Hubballi railway station.

List of Top-10 Longest Railway Platforms in the World

Hubali Railway Station of Karnataka, India, with the total length 1.5 km, holds the title of the longest railway platform in the world, followed by Gorakhpur Railway Station, Kollam Junction, and Kharagpur Railway Station.

Here is the list of longest railway platforms in the world 2023:

Longest Railway Platforms in the World 2023
S. No. Railway Platform Length ( in km) Location Country
1. Hubali Railway Station 1.5 km Karnataka India
2. Gorakhpur Railway Station 1.36 km Uttar Pradesh India
3. Kollam Junction 1.18 km Kerala India
4. Kharagpur Railway Station 1.17 km West Bengal India
5. State Street Subway 1.06 km Chicago USA
6. Chennai Egmore 925.22 meters Tamil Nadu India
7. Pilibhit Junction 900 meters Uttar Pradesh India
8. Autu Club Speedway 815 meters Chhattisgarh India
9. Bilaspur Station 802 meters Chhattisgarh India
10. Cheriton Shuttle 791 meters Kent UK

Longest Railway Platform in the World – Hubali Railway Station

Length: 1.5km
Location: Karnataka, India
Huballi Junction, located in Karnataka, stands as a testament to railway engineering marvels with the world’s longest platform, spanning an impressive 1,505 meters or 1.50 kilometers. Officially known as Shree Siddharoodha Swamiji Hubballi Junction or SSS Hubali Junction, this station is a crucial part of the South Western Railway network.

World’s Second Biggest Railway Platform – Gorakhpur Railway Station

Longest Railway Platform in the World, List of Top-10_50.1

Length: 1.36 km
Location: Uttar Pradesh, India
Gorakhpur Railway Station in Uttar Pradesh, India, boasts the world’s second-longest platform since October 2013. Handling over 189 daily trains and connecting ten local stations, Gorakhpur underwent a transformative shift from meter-gauge to a unified broad-gauge system in 1981, solidifying its role as a pivotal railway junction.

Third Biggest Railway Platform of the World – Kollam Junction

Longest Railway Platform in the World, List of Top-10_60.1

Length: 1.18 km
Location: Kerala, India
Kollam Junction, located in Kerala, India, is the world’s third-largest railway platform by area. Spanning 3,873 feet, it holds the distinction of having the world’s third-longest platform. Established in the 1900s through collaboration between South Indian Railway, Travancore state, and Madras Presidency, the station connects major Indian cities like New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai, contributing significantly to regional and national connectivity.

World’s Fourth Largest Railway Station – Kharagpur Railway Station

Longest Railway Platform in the World, List of Top-10_70.1

Length: 1.17 km
Location: West Bengal, India
Situated in West Bengal, India, Kharagpur railway station boasts the world’s fourth-largest platform, stretching 3,519 feet. Once recognized as the longest, it underwent remodeling and was inaugurated on October 6, 2013. The station features platforms 1, 2, 3, and 4, contributing to its significance in the global ranking of expansive railway stations.

Fifth Longest Railway Platform in the World- State Street Subway

Longest Railway Platform in the World, List of Top-10_80.1

Length: 1.06 km
Location: Chicago, USA
Found in Chicago, Illinois, the State Street Subway stands as the world’s fifth-longest railway platform, stretching 3,501 feet. Commencing construction in December 1938, it secured federal funds from the Works Progress Administration. Today, this bustling platform is renowned for its efficiency, handling substantial daily passenger traffic and ranking among the globe’s lengthiest railway stations. Other notable lengthy platforms include Bilaspur Railway Station, Cheriton Shuttle Terminal, Jhansi, East Perth Railway Station, Kalgoorlie Railway Station, and Sonepur Railway Station.

Sixth Longest Railway Platform in the World – Chennai Egmore

Longest Railway Platform in the World, List of Top-10_90.1

Length: 925.22 meters
Location: Tamil Nadu, India
Chennai Egmore, formerly Madras Egmore, stands as a historic railway station in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Established in 1906–1908 as the South Indian Railway Company terminus, it’s one of the city’s four intercity terminals. The Gothic-style structure, a landmark since its inception, is located in the Egmore neighborhood, with entrances on Gandhi-Irwin Road and Poonamallee High Road.

Seventh Biggest Railway Platform in the World – Pilibhit Junction

Longest Railway Platform in the World, List of Top-10_100.1

Length: 900 meters
Location: Uttar Pradesh, India
Pilibhit Junction, a significant railway station in the Izzatnagar railway division with station code PBE, features five platforms. However, lacking amenities such as escalators and a coach indicator system, it faces connectivity challenges to major Indian cities. With a 900-meter platform, it ranks as India’s fourth longest. Administered by North Eastern Railways, the station offers computerized reservation services, but its global ranking places it as the seventh-largest railway platform in the world.

Eighth Lagrest Railway Platform in the World – Autu Club Speedway

Longest Railway Platform in the World, List of Top-10_110.1

Length: 815 meters
Location: Chhattisgarh, India
Auto Club Speedway, situated in unincorporated San Bernardino County, California, was a prominent 2.000-mile D-shaped oval superspeedway hosting NASCAR events annually from 1997 to 2023. Located 47 miles east of Los Angeles, it served as a major racing venue near the former sites of Ontario Motor Speedway and Riverside International Raceway. Owned and operated by NASCAR, the speedway, with convenient freeway access, is recognized as the eighth-largest railway platform globally.

World’s Ninth Longest Railway Platform – Bilaspur Station

Longest Railway Platform in the World, List of Top-10_120.1

Length: 802 meters
Location: Chhattsgarh, India
Bilaspur Junction Railway Station (station code BSP), located in Chhattisgarh, India, is a significant railway hub serving Bilaspur in Bilaspur district. Established in 1889 as part of the Nagpur Chhattisgarh Railway, it became pivotal in 1900 as a station on the Howrah–Nagpur–Mumbai line. Electrified in stages from 1969 to 1981, Bilaspur is the ninth-largest railway junction globally and serves as the headquarters for the South East Central Railway.

Tenth Longest Railway Platform in the World – Cheriton Shuttle

Longest Railway Platform in the World, List of Top-10_130.1

Length: 791 meters
Location: Kent, UK
The Eurotunnel Folkestone Terminal stands as one of the world’s expansive railway stations, designed for transporting road vehicles through the Channel Tunnel on specialized trains. Situated in Cheriton, a northern suburb of Folkestone in Kent, it serves as the United Kingdom’s terminal. Its French counterpart is the Eurotunnel Calais Terminal in Coquelles, near Calais. The passenger service facility, known as the Victor Hugo Terminal, pays homage to the renowned British author Victor

Longest Railway Platform in the World, List of Top-10_140.1


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