Last date to feed homemade Christmas cake – ‘this is the week!’

Homemade Christmas cake can take time to perfect but when done right, it will always beat a shop-bought one.

The dense, fruity mixture requires lots of attention after being baked which can make it even more rewarding when the time comes to tuck in.

That said, the time is coming that will make or break the texture and flavour of home-baked cakes.

With Christmas Day less than two weeks away, Candice Bannister, baking expert and founder of Candy’s Cupcakes has urged people to check their ageing fruit sponges.

Speaking exclusively to, she said: “If you really want to elevate the flavours of your Christmas cake then this is the week to do so.”

Whether it’s this weekend or the days that follow, Candice explained that it’s prime time to “feed” the dense mixture.

She added: “If your Christmas cake is looking a little bit dry or ‘off colour’, then you should be adding a little bit more liquor to it – one or two tablespoons should be enough.

“This will help to keep the moisture inside the cake, and enhance those flavours even more.” While it is a busy time for many people, it’s important to avoid putting it off any longer.

Candice elaborated: “This is the last week to do this, as you should not be applying any more liquor to your Christmas cake the week before because you need to give the surface of the cake a chance to dry before you can begin icing it in time for the big day!”

How to feed a Christmas cake

To begin, unwrap the top of the cake – the sides can be left covered. Then, take a clean skewer and prick several holes into the top of your sponge.

These will allow the liquid to seep into the cake and infuse the fruit.

Next, spoon over one or two tablespoons of the alcohol, tea, or fruit juice being used, and pour over the holes, ensuring that the whole cake is evenly covered.

When done, re-wrap the cake with baking paper or tin foil ensuring that the whole cake is covered.

Store your cake back in its sealed container until Christmas, by which point it will be ready to ice.

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