Lancia shows more of upcoming Ypsilon EV

Historic Italian brand Lancia, today part of the Stellantis fold, is gearing up to launch its first electric vehicle.

The vehicle will be a redesigned Ypsilon minicar, and Lancia on Thursday provided an early look by way of teaser photos. The full reveal its scheduled for next February.

The latest teaser photos include a shot of the rear, revealing a round taillight design inspired by the taillights of the iconic Lancia Stratos. There’s also a shot of the interior which shows a digital screen and a button for operating Lancia’s new infotainment system, dubbed SALA, short for Sound Air Light Augmentation.

Lancia said its upcoming vehicles will feature two digital screens as standard, with at least one of the screens featuring a fully customizable, widget-based system similar to a smartphone interface. The driver will also be able to control various features using voice activation, Lancia has confirmed.

Teaser for new Lancia Ypsilon debuting in Feb. 2024

Earlier teaser photos show the front of the vehicle which adopts a giant T-shaped design for the daytime running lights, plus part of the interior featuring the script “Cassina.” The script is the name of a high-end Italian furniture company whose products have served as inspiration for the cabin design of the new Lancias. There will also be Cassina-branded special editions, including a Lancia Ypsilon Cassina that will be limited to 1,906 units.

Lancia hasn’t provided any specific details on the new Ypsilon, apart from it offering buyers the choice of electric or gas powertrains. The car will likely be a hatchback like the current generation, and use Stellantis’ CMP platform which is designed for subcompact cars.

Beyond the new Ypsilon, Lancia has confirmed plans to launch a flagship model and a modern Delta in 2026 and 2028, respectively. Both will feature electric power only, with the flagship model confirmed by Lancia to use Stellantis’ STLA Medium platform.

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