Kylian Mbappe Returns to France Training with Limited Activity Due to Nasal Injury

On Wednesday, French football fans received a glimmer of hope as Kylian Mbappe made a cautious return to the pitch during France’s training session. The Real Madrid superstar, who recently suffered a broken nasal septum in France’s victorious match against Austria on Sunday, participated in individual drills focused on passing and shooting. His involvement was carefully managed to avoid any contact on his nose, a necessary precaution to ensure his recovery progresses without complications.

Despite initial concerns that Mbappe would need to wear a protective mask during training, he appeared on the field with only a bandage on his nose. Medical staff and coaches are closely monitoring his condition, with the understanding that a protective mask will likely be necessary when he eventually resumes full-contact play.

Photo by FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images

Mbappe’s injury initially cast doubt over his availability for France’s crucial match against the Netherlands on Friday. The prospect of missing such a significant fixture was a blow to both the team and supporters. However, recent developments have injected a sense of optimism into the camp. Mbappe’s presence in training, albeit limited, hints at the possibility of his participation in the upcoming clash. While he may not yet be ready for a full return to action, the French coaching staff are hopeful that he can be integrated into the match in some capacity.

On Thursday and Friday, further assessments will determine the extent of Mbappe’s involvement.

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