Internship Experience under Hon’ble Shri Justice G A Sanap

Name of the Student

Manav Kirtikumar Thakkar

College and Year of Study

3rd Year, Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad, Symbiosis International University (Deemed)

Name and Address of the Organization

Hon’ble Shri Justice G. A. Sanap, Bombay High Court, Nagpur Bench, Padmashri Mohammed Rafi Chowk, Nagpur, Maharashtra.

Duration of Internship

1 month

How did you Apply?

Former Application

First-Day Formalities, Infrastructure, First Impression

First-Day Formalities: Embarking on my internship journey under the esteemed guidance of Hon’ble Shri Justice G.A Sanap at the Bombay High Court, Nagpur Bench, was inaugurated with a sequence of formalities that reflected the court’s dedication to professionalism.

I was greeted cordially by the court personnel, who expedited the necessary security procedures. Subsequently, I received a comprehensive orientation, acquainting me with the court’s daily regimen, decorum, and intern-specific responsibilities.

First Impression: The inaugural moments within the precincts of the Bombay High Court, Nagpur Bench, left an indelible imprint of reverence and admiration for the legal milieu. The dignified edifice, characterized by its imposing architecture, evoked an immediate sense of the institution’s gravity.

Observing the meticulous orchestration of legal proceedings, coupled with the interplay between learned legal practitioners, discerning judges, and earnest litigants, engendered a profound appreciation for the court’s pivotal role in upholding the tenets of justice. This initial exposure fostered an eagerness to delve earnestly into the multifaceted realms of the legal vocation during the course of my internship tenure.

Main Tasks

  • Legal Research: Working closely with Sir, I conducted extensive legal research on specific issues related to ongoing cases. This involved analyzing statutes, case laws, and legal precedents to build well-founded and comprehensive legal arguments. Through this experience, my ability to identify and assess relevant legal sources significantly improved, enhancing my research proficiency.
  • Court Proceedings: Throughout the internship, I attended Single Bench and Division Bench proceedings in the High Court. Observing court sessions, I gained insights into how judges analyze legal arguments, evaluate evidence, and arrive at informed decisions. This exposure deepened my understanding of the judicial process and improved my ability to critically evaluate legal arguments.
  • Drafting Legal Documents: Under Sir’s guidance, I contributed to drafting legal documents, including opinions, orders, judgments, and court filings. This experience provided invaluable exposure to effective legal writing, enabling me to articulate legal concepts clearly and concisely.
  • Case File Review: I thoroughly reviewed case files, pleadings, and other relevant legal documents, delving into the factual and legal complexities of each case. This enhanced my ability to identify relevant legal issues and assess evidentiary support, crucial for preparing for court proceedings.
  • Working at the Office: In addition to court proceedings, I worked at Sir’s office during morning hours. Reading case files and engaging with the legal team gave me insights into handling complex legal matters.
  • Daily Discussions: Daily discussions with Sir were intellectually stimulating and insightful. His guidance helped bridge the gap between theory and practice, making complex legal concepts feel natural and understandable.

Work Environment

The Bombay High Court, Nagpur Bench, stands as an architectural marvel, underscored by its capacious courtrooms adorned with state-of-the-art amenities conducive to seamless judicial proceedings. The august library, replete with an extensive compendium of legal literature, emanates an aura of erudition, facilitating meticulous research endeavors. The administrative precincts, marked by their meticulous organization, afford ready access to pertinent information and administrative guidance.

The work environment that enveloped my internship tenure under the distinguished tutelage of Hon’ble Shri Justice G.A Sanap at the Bombay High Court, Nagpur Bench, can be best described as a confluence of intellectual rigor, professional excellence, and holistic growth. This environment, meticulously crafted by Justice G.A Sanap and his adept judicial clerk, furnished a platform that not only facilitated profound learning but also nurtured the seamless integration of theoretical erudition with pragmatic legal application.

Guided by Justice G.A Sanap’s erudite mentorship, every task assumed significance beyond its immediate scope. His judicious guidance rendered each engagement an invaluable opportunity for intellectual maturation.

The atmosphere encouraged unabridged exploration of concepts, fostering an environment where questions thrived and doubts found elucidation. This collegial ambiance not only eased the process of imbibing legal intricacies but also catalyzed the refinement of critical analysis and interpretation.

Moreover, the interactions were not confined to professional discourse alone. Justice G.A Sanap enriched our learning journey with myriad insightful conversations that extended beyond the confines of legal academia. These discussions, encompassing diverse facets of life, resonated with wisdom and experience.

He effortlessly drew parallels between life’s intricacies and the legal world, elucidating profound analogies that enhanced our holistic understanding. This holistic approach to mentorship expanded our horizons, shaping us not only as legal aspirants but also as individuals enriched with a deeper perspective on the interplay between law and life.

In summation, the work environment that enveloped my engagement under the mentorship of Justice G.A Sanap and his accomplished judicial clerk was a microcosm of erudition. It was a sanctuary where intellectual exploration intertwined seamlessly with practical application, and where insightful conversations enriched our understanding of both law and life. This environment, which evolved as a bastion of experiential learning, not only fortified my theoretical underpinnings but also illuminated the labyrinthine alleys of real-world legal praxis.

Good things

The positive/good aspects/things of my internship are summarised below:

  • Intellectual Nourishment: The internship under the mentorship of Hon’ble Shri Justice G.A Sanap provided a profound platform for intellectual growth and enrichment.
  • Guidance of a Legal Luminary: Guided by Justice G.A Sanap’s erudite mentorship, tasks undertaken during the internship transcended their immediate scope, fostering a learning environment that was deeply insightful and transformative.
  • Holistic Learning: The work environment encouraged a holistic approach, seamlessly integrating theoretical knowledge with practical legal application, thereby nurturing a well-rounded legal acumen.
  • Expert Direction: The presence of Justice G.A Sanap’s adept judicial clerk further heightened the quality of guidance, offering nuanced perspectives on intricate legal matters and procedural intricacies.
  • Professional and Collegial Atmosphere: The atmosphere, characterized by spirited exchanges, facilitated dynamic interactions that transcended conventional hierarchies. This collegial ambiance promoted robust exploration of concepts and facilitated the clarification of doubts.
  • Insightful Conversations: Beyond professional discussions, Justice G.A Sanap’s insightful conversations enriched the learning journey by drawing parallels between life’s complexities and the legal world. These conversations provided a unique perspective that extended beyond legal academia.
  • Practical Exposure: Opportunities to attend Single Bench and Division Bench proceedings in the High Court provided firsthand insights into the judicial process, honing the ability to critically evaluate legal arguments and analyze evidence.
  • Enhanced Legal Writing Skills: Collaborating on the drafting of legal documents, such as opinions, orders, and judgments, enhanced skills in effective legal writing and communication.
  • Thorough Case Analysis: The in-depth review of case files and relevant documents honed the ability to identify pertinent legal issues and evaluate evidentiary support, a crucial skill for court preparations.
  • Valuable Office Experience: Working at the office during morning hours offered a unique vantage point into handling complex legal matters, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of legal practice.
  • Life Lessons: Justice G.A Sanap’s insightful conversations about life enriched the internship experience by providing broader perspectives and profound analogies relating to law and life.
  • In summary, the internship experience was characterized by unparalleled mentorship, a nurturing environment for professional and personal growth, and a unique blend of theoretical learning and practical exposure.

Bad things

Reflecting on my internship journey, I am genuinely delighted to express that the entirety of my experience was marked by an exceedingly positive note. It’s quite remarkable that I find myself unable to pinpoint any adverse aspects or unfavorable occurrences that marred my time spent under the guidance of Hon’ble Shri Justice G.A Sanap at the Bombay High Court, Nagpur Bench.

Accommodation & Conveyance to Office

In my case, accommodation was not a concern, as I am a resident of Nagpur. I had the privilege of staying at my own house. However, for those seeking accommodation during their internship at the High Court, there are numerous paying guest (PG) options available in the vicinity that can cater to their needs. As far as conveyance is concerned, I commuted to the court independently, using my own vehicle.


While the internship did not offer a stipend, I found its value to be immeasurable. The opportunity to learn extensively from Justice G.A Sanap made any financial compensation unnecessary.

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