India’s Total Debt Surges to Rs 205 Trillion in September Quarter: Report

According to a comprehensive report compiled from data sourced from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Clearing Corporation of India, and the Securities and Exchange Board of India, India’s total debt has witnessed a significant uptick in the September quarter. The total outstanding bonds traded in the market surged to USD 2.47 trillion (Rs 205 lakh crore), marking an increase from the USD 2.34 trillion (Rs 200 lakh crore) reported in the March quarter of the previous fiscal year.

Government Debt Dynamics

In the September quarter, the central government’s debt soared to USD 1.34 trillion (Rs 161.1 lakh crore), up from USD 1.06 trillion (Rs 150.4 lakh crore) in the preceding March quarter. This increase is detailed in data provided by the Reserve Bank of India and highlighted by Vishal Goenka, Co-Founder of Notably, the central government’s debt now accounts for 46.04% of the total debt, amounting to Rs 161.1 lakh crore.

Breakdown of Debt Components

  1. Central Government Dominance: The central government’s debt holds the lion’s share at 46.04%, underscoring its significant role in the country’s debt landscape.
  2. State Governments’ Share: State governments contribute 24.4% to the total debt, equivalent to USD 604 billion (Rs 50.18 lakh crore).
  3. Treasury Bills: Treasury bills, worth USD 111 billion (Rs 9.25 lakh crore), constitute 4.51% of the total debt.
  4. Corporate Bonds: Corporate bonds command a 21.52% share, totaling USD 531 billion (Rs 44.16 lakh crore) in the second quarter of the current fiscal year.

Questions Related to Exams

Q: What is the total debt of India in the September quarter?

A: India’s total debt reached Rs 205 trillion, with outstanding bonds trading at USD 2.47 trillion.

Q: How much is the central government’s debt, and what percentage does it constitute?

A: The central government’s debt is Rs 161.1 trillion, constituting 46.04% of the total debt.

Q: What is the contribution of state governments to the total debt?

A: State governments contribute 24.4% to the total debt, amounting to USD 604 billion.

Q: What role do treasury bills and corporate bonds play in the debt composition?

A: Treasury bills make up 4.51%, and corporate bonds constitute 21.52% of the total debt in the second quarter.





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