Harry and Meghan’s ‘clues’ that all was not well with royal at last UK Christmas

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle showed signs of unrest during their last Christmas outing with the Royal Family, an expert has pointed out.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who haven’t celebrated Christmas with the Royal Family since 2018, showed “powerful” clues that they felt uneasy during their last festive visit to Sandringham.

For their final festive season, Harry and Meghan joined William and Kate to greet fans on their way to church, with behavioural expert Judi James noting signs of a rift with William and Kate were apparent.

In an exclusive conversation with The Mirror, the body language expert revealed: “There were subtle but powerful underlying clues that the rift between the two couples was anything but just a rumour here.”

Though that much was clear, signs that Harry and Meghan would later leave The Firm were not yet “obvious”, according to the expert.

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The expert argued that the opposite was true. She noted: “This had all the hallmarks of being a planned, choreographed ‘denial’ pose of the kind celebrity couples adopt when there are rumours of marriage breakdown.

“At the time it was assumed that it was Kate and Meghan who had the beef and so the job of looking as though they could play together nicely seemed to have been placed firmly in poor Kate’s lap.”

The expert went on to describe the couples’ walk to church as being “nothing but staged”, as the royal brothers abstained from eye contact throughout the entire moment.

“William and Harry have no eye contact and no connection at all here,” said Judi.

“While the cameras were obsessed with Kate and Meghan’s body language together, the frost between the two brothers barely got a mention […] because they were still seen as an unbreakable sibling double act.”

Judi went on to explain that Prince William, in particular, appeared to be “cut off from the whole thing”.

She continued: “He was wrapped in a big scarf and he’d stuffed his hands in his pockets.”

Harry, on the other hand, appeared determined to converse with fans lining the route, suggesting he still saw himself as “an active and popular royal with apparently no thought of quitting.”

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