Guardiola: “I have not had much time to see Real Madrid”

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola remained steadfastly focused on their upcoming Premier League match against Crystal Palace, dismissing any distractions posed by their impending Champions League tie against Real Madrid.

Speaking in the pre-game press conference, Guardiola emphasized the importance of maintaining concentration on their domestic campaign despite the allure of European glory.

“If we were 18 points in front of second in the Premier League, I would have two eyes on Madrid, but it’s not the case,” Guardiola stated.

“After that we will have more time, not for recovery, but to prepare.

“So I have not had much time to see Real Madrid. When we have been fighting for nine or 10 months for the [Premier League], why should I be distracted now from this important game against Palace, when the distance is so close.”

Guardiola asserted that while he acknowledges the significance of the Champions League, he considers winning the Premier League as more difficult and important.

“I love it,” Guardiola affirmed, referring to the Premier League title. “Of the domestic trophies, it is the most important — Premier League or La Liga. I’m not going to say the Champions League is not nice, of course it is.

“So now we have it and know how it feels in our soul and we are at peace, for the fact we’ve got it.

“[The Premier League] is just the nicest because it’s more difficult, there are more games, you know every week, two or three games.

“The Champions League, of course, is important, but it depends on something you perhaps can’t control. Both are incredibly important, but the Premier League proves a lot. It shows the mentality of the teams, being there all the time for many, many years.

“For me personally, from my education at home or whatever, every day you have to do the best — that means a lot to me personally.”

Manchester City will face Crystal Palace on Saturday. It will be their final game before playing Real Madrid on Tuesday.

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