Ford brings the frunk into the mobile workplace era, maybe

A number of Ford patent filings recently surfaced detailing potential new features for electric-vehicle front trunks, or frunks.

One patent application is for a different method of opening and closing the frunk. In the F-150 Lightning, the opening mechanism is similar to the hood in gasoline F-150 trucks. The version described in the patent application includes a frame and two panels, which can be opened together or individually. It’s like the split-opening tailgate of frunks. Once the frunk is opened, another patent application discusses allowing a section to rotate up and away from the ground to provide more headroom.

Ford frunk movable platform patent image

Two more patent applications deal with mounting a display screen in the frunk. In one application, Ford proposes a movable screen that rises up when in use and then retracts, freeing up space for carrying cargo. In the second application, Ford proposes attaching the screen to the inside of the frunk lid, so owners would potentially have to hang the screen from the open frunk lid while parked and then remove and stow it when it’s time to drive away.

Other patent applications cover wireless device charging and climate-controlled storage, essentially enlarging the wireless charging pads and cooled storage bins and gloveboxes already seen in some production vehicles.

Ford frunk climate controlled storage patent image

Ford frunk climate controlled storage patent image

Finally, two more patent applications discuss frunk-mounted movable work surfaces. In one application, this takes the form of a table-like surface that unfolds from inside the frunk. The other application describes a more elaborate movable platform that slides out from the frunk.

There’s no guarantee that any of these ideas will see production. But all of the drawings included with these applications show pickup trucks, and Ford does have a new electric pickup in development. Scheduled to debut in 2025 and codenamed T3, the new truck will be based on a dedicated EV platform, unlike the Lightning, which shares underpinnings with the gasoline F-150. Ford CEO Jim Farley has called the T3 the “Millennium Falcon of trucks,” so it’s likely to have some attention-grabbing features.

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