Food recall roundup as warnings issued for stuffing, cheese and chocolates

Supermarkets and major brands have been caught up in recent food recalls caused by the contamination of products and the presence of undeclared allergens.

Mars Wrigley chocolates, Tesco stuffing and cheese brands which are popular in Christmas hampers are all included in the active recalls.

Advice from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to people who have purchased any of the affected products is to avoid eating them and instead, return them unopened to the store where they got them.

No receipt is required to receive a full refund and retailers have issued apologies to customers for the inconvenience.

Revels chocolates

Various products that include cocoa-coated, raisin, orange, coffee, Malteser, chocolate and toffee-filled balls may be “unsafe to eat”, according to the FSA.

A statement from the manufacturer read: “Mars Wrigley UK is taking the precautionary step of recalling a limited number of Revels 205g More to Share, Revels 112g Pouch, and Revels 71g Treat Bag in the UK with the specific best-before dates due to the potential presence of very small pieces of rubber.”

Revels More to Share

  • Pack size: 205g
  • Batch codes: 344G2SLO00 345B1SLO00
  • Best before: October 27, November 3, and November 10, 2024

Revels Treat Bag (price-marked pack)

  • Pack size:71g
  • Batch code: 344G2SLO00
  • Best before: October 2024, 03 November 2024, 10 November 2024

Revels Pouch

  • Pack size: 112g
  • Batch codes: 344E1SLO00, 344E2SLO00, 344F1SLO00, 344F2SLO00, 345D2SLO00, 345E1SLO00, 345E2SLO00, 345F2SLO00, 345G1SLO00, 346C1SLO00
  • Best before: October 27, November 3, and November 10, 2024

Tesco Finest Cranberry & Apple Stuffing Mix

  • Tesco Finest Cranberry & Apple Stuffing Mix
  • Pack size: 130g
  • Best before: September 2024

Tesco recalled this popular Christmas item due to the possible presence of moths and urged customers who had purchased the affected batch codes to not eat the product.

The item can be returned to stores without a receipt where shoppers will receive a full refund.

Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire Cheese

The FSA has urged the public not to eat five cheeses because of a deadly E. Coli risk. Route des Terroirs recalled Morbier Maison Monts & Terroirs Chalet De Vevy Raw Cows’ Milk Cheese due to the presence of Shiga toxin-producing E. Coli in some batches.

  • Mrs Kirkham’s Mild & Creamy Lancashire
  • Mrs Kirkham’s Tasty Lancashire
  • Mrs Kirkham’s Mature Lancashire
  • Mrs Kirkham’s Smoked Lancashire

All these cheeses might be contaminated with Shiga toxin-producing E. coli.

Morbier Maison Monts & Terroirs Chalet De Vevy

  • Batch code: All batches
  • Best before dates: All dates up to and including January 24, 2024

The FDA warned ingestion of Shiga toxin-producing E.coli can lead to “severe diarrhoea, abdominal pain, and sometimes haemolytic uremic syndrome”.

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