Endrick: “In football you have to be cold.”

In an exclusive interview with MARCA, Endrick, who will join Real Madrid in the summer of 2024, talked about his mentality, his admiration for Karim Benzema, and his fight against racism. Below are some snippets of the interview. Endrick, as always, was impressive with his answers.

On his mentality

“Since I was very little I have had to show that I am not afraid of anyone. It all started when I was very little. I just wanted to play football. I was very clear about it and for that you can’t show fear towards anyone or anything and that’s what I did since I was very little.

I’m cold, at least that’s what my sister and my mother say because of the decisions I make and how I speak. In football you have to be cold.”

On the challenge that awaits at Real Madrid

“It will be a lot of responsibility, a great challenge. I am very excited to play with that shirt and be able to enjoy it with the fans. It is a dream that I have had since I was little, to be part of Real Madrid. I know that I still have challenges ahead of me at Palmeiras and I have to meet them or at least help my team to be at the top, but of course I am also thinking about Real Madrid.”

On joining Vinicius Jr and Rodrygo Goes in the Brazilian national team

“Unfortunately we lost both games with Brazil but I had the chance to play, to see myself there with the national team shirt, which is something exceptional that anyone who wants to play football always dreams of. I was also lucky enough to be with Vinicius and Rodrygo…it was an excellent experience. I hope that in the future I can continue sharing moments with them.

“I have had the opportunity to share time with them. Remember that image of the three of us on the bike training… They have told me many things about everyday life, about the importance of everything that happens at Real Madrid, about the greatness it has in every sense, but they tell me that ‘you realize it when you are there’.”

On joining Vinicius and Rodrygo in the fight against racism

“I already suffered racism, but I don’t care, the more they do it, the more I will laugh in their face. I am in the fight with Vini, Rodrygo and all those who suffer racism. You can say whatever you want and make gestures at me… I won’t care and I think that will make you more angry. It is the best way to combat racism.”

Who is the ‘ideal forward’?

“Karim Benzema has all the qualities to be the perfect striker, although he is in Saudi Arabia right now, he played for Real Madrid for many years. He knows how to understand the game perfectly, he is a spectacular player in every sense. He is the best striker in the world for a long time. Harry Kane and Erling Haaland have the perfect qualities to be the ideal striker too.”

The rise to stardom

“Not even in my wildest dreams would I have imagined experiencing everything what is happening to me. One day I met Tatum, another day Garland, athletes who I have seen a lot on television, because I am an NBA fan and can even play baseball. I was lucky to be able to feel the atmosphere, to see the Celtics win… a dream. Until now I had only gone to the NBA store in Sao Paulo.

“Things have happened very quickly in my life and I have made many dreams come true. I thank my family, my agents and Palmeiras, who have trusted me since I was very little. At one point I lowered my head because I wasn’t playing, I respected the coach’s decision and continued working while waiting for the opportunity that ended up arriving.”

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