Bengaluru cab driver launches his own app to compete with ride-hailing apps like Uber, Ola

Bengaluru, India – In a surprising move that reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of the city, a Bengaluru cab driver, identified only as “Mr. Lokesh” has entered the competitive ride-hailing market by launching his own app, “Nano Travels.” The announcement was made through a tweet by a user who personally experienced Lokesh’s service.

According to the tweet, “Nano Travels” already boasts an impressive fleet of over 600 drivers, a notable feat given the dominance of industry giants Uber and Ola in the ride-hailing sector. The tweet also revealed the recent launch of the iOS version of the app, expanding its accessibility to Apple users.

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The accompanying pamphlet, presumably from “Nano Travels,” indicates a well-structured customer support system, including contact information such as a phone number and email address. The pamphlet also promotes a special offer for India’s Independence Day on August 15th.

The news, shared by The Bengaluru Man on the microblogging platform X (formerly Twitter), has gained significant traction, accumulating over 46,000 views since its posting yesterday.

Users on the platform shared their thoughts on this unique development, with some expressing admiration for Lokesh’s entrepreneurial spirit. However, scepticism about the sustainability of “Nano Travels” in a highly competitive market was also raised, with concerns raised about the challenges of establishing a foothold in the app-based transportation industry.

Despite the doubts, there were encouraging comments expressing support for Lokesh’s initiative, emphasizing the importance of fostering entrepreneurship. One user highlighted the potential benefits of new cab apps, providing commuters with additional options and potentially alleviating the challenges faced by existing companies like Uber and Ola.

As Bengaluru continues to be a hub for innovative and unexpected developments, Lokesh’s foray into the ride-hailing market stands as another example of the city’s dynamic entrepreneurial landscape.

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