Ancelotti: “The goalkeepers are great, which makes me doubt my decision”

Real Madrid face Villarreal at the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu on Sunday in preparations to stay neck-to-neck against Girona in the title race. Every game will be difficult, especially against a side as good as Villarreal. Speaking about it to the media, the Italian coach said: “We are close to Christmas, and we play against a well-prepared team, but we are in a good moment, good dynamics, with motivated players and we want to finish well this year.”

Ancelotti on who will start in goal against Villarreal

“I have already decided on tomorrow’s goalkeeper. They make me doubt my decisions, it’s obvious because both of them are very good. But I’m not going to say who because I haven’t spoken to them yet.”

Ancelotti on what advice he’d give to Endrick

“Enjoy the moment. He is progressing very well, and we are delighted that he can be our player next year, but we have to wait until July. We have been with him, and we have spoken with him.

“He’s very focused on what he has to do, and he will be with the Olympic team too. We wait until July.”

Ancelotti on penalty-takers this season

“Last year, there was a very clear line which was Karim, then Luka. This has changed. Luka was the first, but he didn’t play at first. We have Joselu, who shoots them very well, but he hasn’t always played. It is not just a technical problem, it is also the environment, but we are working to solve it.”

Ancelotti on Xavi’s comments about Barça being ‘complicated’

“I can’t say which is the most complicated team. In general, it is quite normal for a coach to have criticism, and we have to accept it, and the coach can say if it is fair or not. The judgment of the coach is the result. No one cares about his method or his ability to manage the players. It only depends on whether he wins or not, and we have to accept it. Xavi knows this, and he knows how to handle it. He is a good coach.”

Ancelotti on Kroos’ possible return with Germany NT

“Germany will be lucky to have one of the best midfielders in the world if he decides to return.”

Ancelotti on receiving renewal as a “Christmas gift”

“No, I think I already have the gift; being Real Madrid’s coach, we have time to think about this. I hope the gift will be a victory tomorrow.

“If the club is happy, I’m happy. I will be here until June 30, 2024. That is the time I have to deal with the renewal.”

Ancelotti on the European Super League

“To give an opinion, you have to wait until the 21st when something important can happen to change the entire landscape of football, such as the calendar. We have to wait for that day.”

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