£2.50 concealer ‘covers dark circles’ and beauty fans are hailing it as ‘great for mature

Lack of sleep, stress and long days can all cause the skin to look tired and dull, especially under the eyes.

While there’s no magic solution for feeling refreshed, using the right skincare and makeup products can help your skin look brighter and fresher.

Concealers can be great for covering up dark circles and evening the skin tone in the under-eye area.

Boots has affordable options, including the 17. Second Skin Enhancing Concealer which is just £2.50 and comes in 10 different shades.

Buy: 17. Second Skin Enhancing Concealer (£2.50)

The creamy formula features minerals and is highly pigmented to mask imperfections and add brightness.

To cover dark circles, foundation often isn’t high enough coverage, but by selecting specific areas to use concealer on, it avoids an overall cakey look.

For more of a lifted look, you can also use concealer in the inner corner and outer corner.

Some reviews do mention that they found the product to be somewhat drying on the skin, so it would be advisable to do a proper skincare routine before using, or opt for a hydrating product like the e.l.f Hydrating Satin Camo Concealer.

77 percent of reviewers say they would recommend the concealer, with some calling it ‘great for under eye’.

Emma said: ”Such a good concealer, can’t beat it for the price. Covers dark circles and blemishes really well and lasts all day.”

Tracey commented: ”Nice light coverage. Great for under eye especially for mature skin. Definitely be buying this again.”

Nikkiiii also added: ”I was amazed at how good this was for the price, its slightly drying but the coverage is medium and pretty good, and the shade was a good match too!”

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