EV driver shares cool feature that stops others running out of charge

Like a number of electric vehicles, the Kia EV6 features a Vehicle to Load (V2L) function, which allows owners to power other items from the car’s battery.

EV owners say that this feature allows them to use their vehicle as a source of electricity when they go on camping trips, or even when they face a power cut at home.

Drivers can also earn money back on their electricity bill by putting any excess energy back into the grid.

With over 900,000 views and almost 35,000 likes, many motorists were interested in seeing one electric car being used to charge another but were left divided on if it is an inefficient way of charging.

One viewer said: “That’s so cool! I hope Tesla adds this feature too.”

However, another added: “You mean to say people are going to be breaking into other peoples cars and siphoning electricity instead of petrol?”

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